Bia Đức

If you are a fan of the famous Bia đức German draft beer or simply a fan of imported German beer brands, you will not be able to ignore these 5 most famous German beer brands in Vietnam. :

1. Kaiserin Beer – Bia Đức nổi tiếng Famous German draft beer known as German Queen beer
As a famous German draft beer brand known as Queen Duc beer, Bach Dang Trading and Production Co., Ltd – Bach Dang Brewery has directly imported raw materials and produced and distributed direct beer lines. this in Vietnam market. This Kaiserin beer is considered by consumers to have a rather strange taste, although it is mildly bitter but mellow right away, in general, it is quite delicate, drinking a lot without headaches and a light aroma that makes people enjoy a very refreshing feeling. enjoy. On the market today, Kaiserin German draft beer has 3 types, bia đức đen Gấu đen all blac Kaiserin beer, red Kaiserin beer and yellow Kaiserin beer. The product does not contain impurities, preservatives or toxic substances, so it is very safe for user

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